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May 19, 2011

Last month, i heard ( or read) somewhere that a good motivational technique, or, more precisely, a good way to maintain a positive attitude is to stop for an instant every evening and decide what the best moment of that day was. Thus, after one week passes, you can decide what the best moment of the week was, and then, the best moment of the month and so on.

i could see some advantages to the above activity.One major upside is the fact that it makes you remember the past day and shuffle through the events, fact that will probably reduce the negative sentiments that one might arrive with at the end of a day. Secondly, one has to remember and CONCENTRATE on the good events, thus reinforcing trust in oneself and positive attitude.

Theoretically, all good.

the first problem that i encountered was that the first day that i tried the technique – 1st of may – was a day so trivial that i had a hard time finding AN event, let alone one that made me feel particularly good. All that i had to choose from were routinely stuff, so the label “best moment of today” went to “SLEEP LATE”. Ok, i thought, maybe the next day would be better.

Monday. A day that i usually spend in class. Lessons from 10:30 to 5:45, supper, skype, sleep. I had already begun having doubts about the effectiveness of my experiment, but i still decided to continue and label “EAT GOOD PIZZA AT LUNCH” as the highlight of my day.

OK – but so far, it seems like i really enjoy sleeping and eating. Now that is what i call a positive conclusion about oneself.

3rd day. Tuesday. Statistics lab in the morning – a perfect chance to fail at following the teacher and actually gaining some knowledge. Then, lunch. Nothing too special about that either, so no more food items in the LIST. The afternoon : work. Yey. Peak of the day? A new episode of “How i met your mother” is available online.

So… eat, sleep and watch TV shows?  I think i will not make any more summaries of the ups of my days any time soon…


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