How it all began – My precious (2)

This semester is kinda me doing all the stuff that previously i had either no time or no courage or no partner for. And i can truly say that  outdoor experiences are amazing, but sharing them makes them extraordinary.

It took me a while to get to learning how to ride a bicycle –  about 26 years –  but i did it. But it was not easy. It started with sitting on the sidewalk whining that “riding that thing is not for me”, but ended with “Weheeeeeeeeeeee  ” down a hill in Durlesti – near Chisinau, Moldova.

I had no idea what i was missing out on. Aside from the actual ride, it is all about where a bicycle can get you :  and in my case, the destination was out and away.

I can truly say that i have seen more of Milan in 3 months than in 4 years. And all due to a red shiny bicycle. Well, it not so shiny anymore, as it has seen more than one muddy park, but underneath it all, it is still red.

I vouched to keep it safe –  and thus it sleeps in my room, as the thought of leaving it outside for ambiguous emigrants to steal is too unsettling. It takes a bit of effort to take it upstairs and back –  but having it there reminds me that there are so many places that i have seen and yet so many places left to see. The Map of Milan is no longer the same to me – it used to be just streets and green patches every here and there. Now it has become memories.

I used to take it out more often, but now i just dream of the warm , sunny autumn days when leaves, cold or rain were not an issue. Not all is lost though, as now i  too understand why they say that he who knows how to ride a bicycle never forgets it.


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