How it all began – My precious

It is never too late to learn, and it is never too late to buy your first bicycle.

We first went out to seek the market for used bicycles on a sunny September Wednesday. I knew i only had one semester left in Milan, but i had already decided that it did not matter –  i would invest in a bicycle and would enjoy those last months in the city. And enjoy them I did.

The first attempt to buy me a bike was not fruitful in the direct sense –  after wondering around the area for a couple of hours, we decided to ask a bored policeman about the market and found out that it was only held on Saturday. Oh well, no harm done –  it was a really beautiful  morning and we had enjoyed it by having Kinder Surprise in a parking lot near Esselunga where we were suspected of planning a grand theft ( we were kinda pointing at the bicycles and discussing a particular pink one), by discovering 2 parks, by discussing existential issues at length and by planning extensively all the wonderful things i would do once i had IT. Once i had the BICYCLE. 

Officially, the used Market of Sinigalia is for people to sell their own belongings, but that is the official version. In reality,  more than half of the stuff there is stolen. Especially the bicycles. That is why there is police patrolling the perimeter in order to oversee the sale/purchase of items –  an activity through which they to diminish the cases of theft around the city. But more about how WE got to sit into a police car for about 30 min in another post.

So there we were, at the gates of the market. Full of ambiguous characters, the area reeked of illegality –  but we knew what we came for. i knew that my future baby was someone else’s baby once – but i was gonna take good care of it, and, most importantly, i was gonna keep it away from ending up at that market again.

We first tried the bicycle that some Romanians were selling –  but firstly, it was suspiciously cheap and secondly, i NEVER EVER do business with my own kind because i know what people are capable of. So, we moved on.

Ever since we entered , there was one gal that kept winking at us with its big wheels. it was shiny red, pretty clean, smooth and restless to be taken out for a spin. It was the prettiest one there –  reaching out for me, with the sporty handles and the comfy basket, the cool seat and the pro gears…  I had to make it mine. My precious. 

(To be continued)


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