Brighton Rock

I liked it.

It is not the type of movie that one would call easy, and it is certainly not a movie everyone would enjoy.  Some may call it weird, some may call it boring. But some have already called it brilliant.

This is a remake, the first movie that was based on the novel with the same name was released in 1947, while this is a version from 2010. Not all the movies get remakes, only the really good ones, so that should be a thumbs up.

It describes England in ’64. The trailer  encompasses pretty much all of the action, but the movie is not about the action. It is about the people.  I think it is really an art to make a movie so simple and yet so … strong.

Dreams, determination, fear, courage, power and… love. Miracles.

– ” Poor girl… She thought he was in love with her. ”

– ” And was he ? In love ?”

-” What difference would that make ?”

–  ” Well, it would show…. there was some good. ”

– ” Pfff…”

– ” I think it’s a bleeding miracle that nature should have planted love in every man jack of us, Ida. And every woman. Even though in some of us…  it’s as useless as an appendix.”

There are so many powerful elements in this movie, so many different characters that show the true meaning of life…  The he who wants the power and will stop at nothing to get it. And yet,  he remembers that he has a heart. The she who loves and lives her life to the fullest, the she who believes, who is naive, who would do anything… The experienced she who has seen the sorrows of life and tries to protect the ones the cares about… The he who is good at heart. The he who is wise enough to wait.  The one who believed.

This movie did kinda give me hope. That all is going to be alright. All you have to do is believe. And never give up.

“You want me to tell you that i love you … “


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