Happy end – Love and other drugs

This is a movie for the pure romantic naive hearts who believe love is the answer to everything.

I used to be like that too.  I don’t think i have seen that much in life, but from the little that i have, i know that that is not what happens. And that is why we need movies to tell us and show us beautiful and pretty things, dreams come true and happiness all the way.

I agree, to some point, that it is why we watch movies. To see something different. Life is harsh anyway, just look out the window if you want drama. Or watch the news, if you do not care about the happy end.

But we do care. We want to be assured that there will be one. And that is why we watch movies. OK, that is why i watch movies and i really like it when they do have one. A happy end.

This movie is really great. It is really funny, it is nice, they are both so pretty, there is a bit of sex and nudity.  It is perfect…  but not real.

The thing is, i know it is not supposed to be real. It is a movie.  Why then, am i left with a bitter sensation ?

Because i want to believe. I want to know that there is a chance. I want to know that for me, it will be different. I do not want love to die in the first 1-3 years of marriage. I do not want my husband to sleep in a different bed by the time i am 40. I want to wake up in the morning and take some time to talk about each-others plans for the day.  I want us to have family weekends together. And i want us to have a jacuzzi.

I want that happy end.

And somehow, i find it hard to believe …  But i try. And i will continue trying. Coz it will be different. I will make sure i will have that  happy end.


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