Ich muss lernen Deutsch

Cind am ajuns in Vienna, mi-a parut imposibila limba asta. Nu mi-am schimbat inca parerea –  insa parca am chef sa ma apuc sa o invat.  Da, individual. Stiu, sinucidere curata.

Astazi eram la magazin si  voiam sa imi iau niste condimente pentru supa. Alegeri, o mie. Mi-am dat seama dupa desen ca nu imi trebuie nici Hühnersuppe  (de pui)  si nici Rindsuppe (de vita), si deci am ramas intr-un final la doar 2 posibilitati : Gemüsesuppe si Klaresuppe.  Gemüsesuppe, dupa cum am aflat din Google Translate vreo 15 min dupa achizitie, inseamna supa de legume.  Bine ca am nimerit-o de data asta, supa a iesit gustoasa :)

Insa nu mereu am asa noroc. De exemplu, cind am cerut wurstel  de la  taraba, am mincat nu chiar wurstel,  dar wiener wurstel, adica, varianta vieneza. Tot e bine, insa nu e ce am cerut. Sau, tot la magazin, trebuie sa fac cross-check intre firma producatoare, kg si numele produsului, pentru ca doar  zwiebel, de exemplu, ceea ce inseamna ceapa,  nu imi spune nimica….. Dar, ok,  sunt multe alte cuvinte care sunt usor de tradus,  din cauza asocierilor cu romana, rusa si engleza – de exemplu  kartoffel , karotte apfel, 2 Stück, milch.  Deci nu este totul atit de rau :)

Trebuie sa invat germana. Nu inteleg ce scrie pe panouri, vad reclame interesante si as vrea sa inteleg. Oamenii de la casa din magazin comenteaza si rid de multe ori, iar eu zimbesc, si cred ca nu se vede atit de tare ca nu inteleg nici o boaba… asta pina cind ajung sa platesc, si mi se spune ” sechs neunundneunzig”, iar eu nu stiu cit e asta, si trebuie sa ma uit la ecran …

Mi se zice “danke, Auf Wiedersehen”, eu zic “bye”. Off, trebuie sa invat germana.

Ich spreche kein Deutsch

Era ora 7:35. La statia de metro din fatsa Mall-ului era multa lume. Ambulante, masini de politie, si multi curiosi. Alaturi, la multiplex, era un concert. Lume peste lume.

Eu merg mai departe, trec de complex, trec o mini parcare, si ajung in fatsa caminului. Ma intrecuse un barbat – imbracat in negru, cu gluga si ochelari. Apoi brusc a incetinit si m-a lasat sa-l intrec eu.

Ajung in fatsa usii. Scotocesc sa gasesc cheile, nu le mai gasesc. Las punga Ikea jos, si incep a cauta. Intr-un final, le scot, iar in spate, simt ca este cineva.

“Wheeew, you scared me.”
Era un student blond, inalt, cu zimbet frumos.
“ Blah blahshath blahhen blaghushten”, zice, si imi deschide usa.

Urcam la acelasi etaj. El insa o ia in cealalta directive pe hol. Trage cu ochiul la mine, zimbeste.

Oare ce mi-a zis ? Ich denke ich werde nie wissen …..  I guess i will never know.

Vienna, Day 2

Today was the day that I was gonna get stuff done. And now, at almost the end of the day ( it is for me, as I am not moving an inch from bed) I can say that TOMORROW is the day that I will get stuff done ;) It was not entirely my fault – some offices are not open on Monday ( Italian style), but mostly yeah, I could not do much today because I had left my registration nr and password at home so yes, today was more for sightseeing. And yes, there is a lot to see in Vienna. At some point I even told myself, and in loud voice “ WHY did I choose Milan? “

Vienna is more my type of city, with its wide streets, beautiful buildings, polite people and great public transportation. There is only one problem. I do not understand a word that’s been said or written. And today, several persons have tried to talk to me. So I smile in a “I do not speak German but I want to be polite” way and wonder, how come I have never tried to learn German ? And then, just as quick, I find the answer “ Because it is close to impossible…. “

This morning I was woken up by a bang in the door and some other noise in the kitchen of the dorm/apartment. It was the cleaning service. And might I say, there were 2 of them, but even so, they were done before I could tie my hair into a ponytail. Now that is what I call Austrian Efficiency ( from now on, I will not use the terms Austrian and German as interrelated, as i have noticed that Austrians are not really Germans, they are a bit cooler : ) they cross do cross the street at the red light, something that I am told germans would never do :) After a quick shower I went on to Mc Donalds to get my breakfast. I was a bit surprised that : 1. There were no muffins and 2. That nobody spoke English , but I managed to say I want easy morning menu five even if I am not sure at the moment whether I said five or fiunf. Anyway, the coffee at Austrian McDonalds is better than at the Italian ones, but I was really surprised when the brioche , instead of gem or cream, had ham and cheese inside. I guess on the menu, what’s written underneath the picture does matter sometimes.

The Subway is really cool in Vienna, the seats are softer and the train goes up to the surface very often. It was a bit confusing today as I had to look at the map several times before I knew for sure that I remembered the station where I had to get off – the names are all so long and some are very similar, it is easy to miss a letter and thus get lost…. Also, when I am looking at the map, it takes me several seconds to read a name, and then I have to double check it before knowing that it is the right street. I really do hope that all this will get easier in time – in Italy I had to remember that I had to take a turn at via Dante, while here, i have to look for Schlachthaus. This street I actually know, visually, as I went for a walk yesterday, randomly, and I, very inspired, chose it. Apparently, it intersects a street with numerous stores and cafeterias. And it’s only a 25 min walk from the middle of nowhere Gasometer where I live.

Actually, in Gasometer City ( where I live) there is a mall and a Hollywood Multiplex. Both are a bit un-populated, as my Austrian Buddy has told me and as I have seen today, and I think it is because there aren’t that many stores in the mall. The multiplex looks fun though – I could smell the pop-corn from the stairs. They have lots of games and stuff, I will definetly check it out more thoroughly. Today I went in because there is a housing office in the back of the mall, but, when I tried to exit the building, I could no longer do so. Here in Vienna, I have seen that there are a lot of doors that allow entry, but no exit. Maybe it is a marketing strategy, as I had to go into the mall. And not only that, I had to check out all 3 buildings of the mall AND the multiplex, as I had a very hard time findng the exit. Everywhere I went, there was a dead-end : at one time, I ended up in the parking lot :)

I think that today I walked quite a few kilometers. At one point, i reached a Leaving Vienna road sign. I left WU at exactly 2 pm. I made a few stops, for example in the park of the Liechtenstein Museum, where I ate 1 muffin with Peach&Maracuja Youghurt, and then in the Karlsplats, while taking some pictures in the meantime. I also made a quite long stop at Belvederegarten, for which I had to go up a hill of, I would say, 35 degrees inclination. But it was worth the effort, the gardens are exquisite. I arrived at my destination – a Hofer store at 4:20. And from there, it is another 25 minutes till Gasometer. So it would be ….. 2,45 hrs.

Not that much, I would say. But my feet kinda say otherwise.


1/4 B – First day

So here i am, my first day in Vienna, and what am i doing ?  Writing on my blog. I already unpacked, put my sheets on the bed, talked to my friends back home  ( wherever that might be nowadays) and now… i am a bit bored. Why ? Because it is raining. And because i have not been alone in a looooong time. Guess i will have to get back used to it.

The common room in my dorm is filled with people of different nationalities and different degrees of cleanliness when it comes to dishes and and trash. But they are all alike when it comes to noisiness. I am not complaining ( i know i am a bit older than the rest of the students here,  but i am not that old  lady that ruins the party:) ). I am just stating the fact that i have absolutely no interest and no wish to go join them. I sense that this is really gonna be a cultural exchange :)

Anyway, getting here was more or less without unexpected surprises. I took the train ( some 11 hours ) from Milan. I shared a compartment with a lady from Egypt that kept looking for conversation, and a girl from Vienna, that was coming back from her exchange in Torino. We talked a little bit, and then the lady wanted to go to bed so we had to turn off the lights. I got onto the top bed, talked on the phone for about an hour and then went to bed too… a bit scared that some valuable items might be subtracted, but in the end, i fell asleep and even had numerous dreams. Overall, the trip was ok, i might say.

When i got to the station, the nice italian attendant helped me get my trolley off the train and then i went looking for the buddy that was supposed to meet me. I walked around a bit, got loaded into an elevator full of chinese people, then got off it and went onto the train platform again in order to meet CH. We hit it off pretty well and had an informative discussion on the way to the dorm. We did have a bit of trouble finding it  –  we first went into another building and if not for the nice romanian full time WU student, we would have wasted a lot more time searching for GASOMETER SITE F. And yes, it really does look like it sounds  –  a half abandoned industrial zone with  no soul in sight. Well, it might be coz it’s sunday….

Anyway, we get in. At first sight, the kitchen looked disastrous – a lot of garbage and a lot of dishes. And , judging by the lots of pairs of male shoes, and of different sizes,  i concluded that in this apartment, it will be me and 2 other guys. One from Sierra Leone, who i have met and who has probably felt guilty about the mess and started vacuuming, and other one from turkey. Neither is exchange, so yes, yet again, i say it will be a quiet time for me in Vienna.

My room is nice. I took out my green bedsheets and it feels more like home already.

Iwill probably still go out today in order not to feel like a total vegetable. I will also be in the quest for  ANY vegetable or smth to eat, as it is Sunday, and apparently here, just like in Italy, consumerism is not a concern, and thus, everything is closed.

Vienna, like a ghost town.