Vienna, day 12

Today i used Austrian Public Transportation without paying. Twice. As i went to the Welcome Erasmus Party.

I still don’t really know anyone here, except my flatmates, and they are just as antisocial as i am. So i figured that if i keep staying in my room, i will keep not knowing anyone, so, i gathered all my leftover enthusiasm, got out of my pajamas and went out.

As i got to the U stop, i noticed 2 girls crossing the street over the tram lines, and intuitively, i followed them. They seemed a bit disoriented, and, given the fact that so was i, the chances were that we were going to the same place. This is the thing about exchange students, one can spot another one in any crowd :)

So, the three of us went down to the Danube Canal, searching for the Johann Strauss Party Boat. Sounds fancy, huh ?  Well, it isn’t. Yes, it is a boat. And yes, there was a party on it. But that’s pretty much it.

Anyway, the drinks were very expensive and the bartender tried to cheat me with my change 3 times. And only after i gave him the look  “i am not drunk”, he gave me the correct ammount. Oh well, i overpaid for vodka orange, but it was the Erasmus Kick-Off party, so i figured i’d be less antisocial and try to fit in. And i kept doing that till a certain moment. A song came on. And no, I DO NOT DANCE TO PAN AERICANO.  At least not in public :)

I did meet a lost Russian girl with big blue eyes, a smoking inhibition-less french girl and a my-type of girl from Finland. I am gonna take them to an Austrian Pub this weekend. During the day. With no half naked girls, no drunk guys wanting to hit on us, no smoke and definetly no Pan Americano.

Oh, and we also met a drunk Chinese girl who asked us to take her to the subway.

Drunk Chinese Girl: “Where are you from ?””

Me : “Italy”

Finnish Girl: ” Finland”

Drunk Chinese Girl : “Oh, so you are both from Finland…. ”


Drunk Chinese Girl:  ” It is so weird that yesterday i drank 2 glasses of wine and i got drunk…  but today, i only drank wine this big ( shows about 20 cm) and i am not drunk at all….  Oooops, kinda missed a step there…. And how do i get to Spittelau from here ? I have to meet a guy i do not really like…  but there’s nobody else so…  ”

Well, lucky guy. Right place at the right time. The right time being after 20 cm of wine.


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