Vienna, day 14 – Museums

Today started like any normal sunday :  nightmares all night, then the morning gymnastics routine, then i had my usual huuuge bowl of milk and cereal while checking facebook. I had literally no plans for today, exept go to the gym with my flat-mate at 6 in the evening, so, when on the above mentioned social networking site, an invitation to the museum appeared, i thought i’d go. And so i did.

Getting there by foot took me about 50 min –  i really like walking to get to places here in Vienna, because immediately after getting past the highway bridge and the construction sites, one can see some really nice things, like a random green building, a random nice square or a random person on a bicycle, with a cute dog in the basket in front, a cute dog in the back basket and another 2 dogs on leashes running beside her.

Today was Sunday, and, apparently, on every first sunday of the month, the museums are free. So about 9 exchange students thirsty for culture gathered in front of the Wien Museum.

The tour of the museum was really nice, especially given that almost all the 9 people were really open and communicative, so we made a lot of jokes and intensely commented all the artifacts. I even found myself a future hiking buddy. The artifacts themselves were nice as well, but all the labels and the explanatory writing was in German, and, given my 0 level in the language, i was only looking without actually understanding what things were. We did see a large piece of bread at one point, and, as one of us spoke German, we all found out that during the war, a baker baked bread that big in order to give out to the soldiers that were intending to occupy the city in order to signal the fact that there was still plenty of food inside the fortress and that the Viennese soldiers were all well fed and thus capable of carrying on with the fight. And apparently, that move did discourage the opponent, and thus, that piece of bread became famous.

After the first museum, we kinda decided that we do not know where we will be on the 1st sunday of April, and thus 7 of us headed to another museum, with clocks. It was bigger than i have expected, and a bit cooler, also. Here are some examples of interesting clocks.

The eyes were actually moving :)

We did not really figure out where the clock was. But in our best guess, the eyes of the dog had a white spot… that could get bigger. At the moment, we figured that it was 10:55.

In the painting, the clock tower was actually with a real clock :)  Pretty cool :)

After the tours, one of the girls wanted to go to a famous coffee house in the center, and i decided to join her. We both had the chocolaty Famous Sacher Cake and the Vienna Melange Coffee ( which is coffee with milk and whipped cream) and they were both pretty good. Not as good as advertised, but good.

So today was a good day.


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