My precious (1)

Today i made a statement :  I want to live in a city where i can regularly ride a bicycle.

And to think that a little more than a year ago, i had no idea what i was missing …

Everybody was doing it –  some of my friends had just purchased new shiny professional bikes, some had old dusty ones…

 So yes, it was time.

At the beginning, it wasn’t as much fun as i thought it would be ;) I got on, but after the first 2 minutes i was already on the sidewalk, whining about how sports and bicycles and everything are not for me.  So yes, by getting back on and actually managing to keep my balance while going down a small hill, i think that i overcame a barrier….  just like the 6 year old girl that was learning how to ride her roller-blades in the same open area. Yey for us :)

It all went  pretty well from there:  actually using the pedals to go up the hill without touching the ground was nothing. And then came the circles, from left to right….   Right to left though – took me a longer time. I eventually nailed it, of course, and, in no time, i was riding a bicycle. I couldn’t believe how much i was missing – cycling  is soooo much fun. Going towards the sunset, or the forest, down a steep hill, feeling the wind in your hair …  and the bugs in your eyes and all the  holes in the asphalt :)

And thus, one of the first things that i did when i got back to Milan was to go to the used market and buy a stolen bicycle. And those have been the best spent 65 euro of my life.

Me and my bike have a special relationship. I take care of it, i inflate her wheels, i keep her clean ….  i did break the basket, the light and some of the metal connections –  but we got over it and we are ok now.   I keep her safe, by not letting her outside unattended  at night… or during the day, for that matter. I wouldn’t want her to return to the used market ;)

I do not really use it for transportation, but more for fun, for exploring, for getting away.  So yes, i hope that I and my precious will be together for a while. Because in order to keep my balance –  and my sanity –  i need to keep moving.

Chisinau :)

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Pentru ca este un oras verde. Cu parcurile sale putin amenajate ce ofera ideea de libertate si salbaticie.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Aici parca nu sunt reguli. Sau daca sunt, ele nu sunt urmate. Multi nu au cei 7 ani de acasa, iar amabilitatea, rara cum este ea, este privita lung si cu admiratie, ca pe un fenomen rar.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Hirtii, sticle de plastic, gunoaie.  Gunoaie. Oameni.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Pentru ca are de toate. Are si oameni buni. Are evenimente, are miscari culturale. Are miscari. Punct.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Saracie. Mindrie. Lipsa de cultura. Superioritate nemeritata, obraznicul maninca praznicul.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Noaptea el este altul. Localurile sunt arhipline –  pe linga Andy’s, mai avem si Foisor, La Placinte, Celentano. Palatul National. Tucano, Carlsberg Pub. Bier Platz. Avtobuz. Localuri pentru toata lumea – scumpe, ieftine, tematice. Cu bere, cu pizza, cu terasa.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Avem magazine deschise pina la ora 11, sau 24/24. Avem  lactate gustoase, avem bere ieftina.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Ca este mic si comod. Dar nu, eu nu as zice ca este mic. Doar ca poti ajunge de la Riscani in Centru in 4 minute  ( record personal, cu 110). Din cauza acestor rutiere insa, ambuteiajele si traficul este infernal. Si mai pui ca banii nu ajung in buzunarele statului, ci a unor….  businessmani. Insa aceasta este cu totul alta tema, discutata pe larg in presa si pe bloguri.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Avem bloguri. Avem oameni ce gindesc. Avem oameni ce fac. A, dar am mai zis asta. Avem miscare.

De ce iubim Chisinaul ? Mai mult decit toate, avem potential.


Am intrat in patima zumzi :)  Am fost la bowling, am mincat raci si crevete, acum merg la sport.

Nu stiam unde e sala, cum arata, insa… era reducere, si deci, aveam un impuls sa iau acel voucher. Plus ca voiam sa merg la sport, sa fac miscare….  insa imi lipsea impulsul. Uite ca a fost si el.

Cam greu am gasit eu acel V-Step. Bine ca retinusem adresa, Decebal 63 :))))

Sala mica, vestiar minuscul, fara dush, la etajul de jos al magazinului Varna. Nu as fi gasit de nu cinta muzica tare. Cred ca de aia o si lasa tare, inainte de program –  ca sa stie lumea unde sa mearga.

Instructoarea nu vorbeste romana, si nici nu o intelege –  sau se face. Am vb eu cu ea in rusa, insa, cind au venit celelate fete-  mai mici, de liceu –  mi-am dat seama ca da, intr-adevar, lumea nu mai stie rusa, in zilele noastre. si e pacat. da, vrem sa se vorbeasca romana in magazine si pe strada, pentru ca e limba de stat. Insa e pacat ca nu VREM sa cunoastem o alta limba, una grea, cunoasterea careia ne ofera avantaje peste hotare. Dar ok, asta e. Eu tot din aceasta cauza am uitat rusa. Pentru ca DIN PRINCIPIU nu o mai vorbeam acasa, la mine in tsara. Insa am inceput sa o vorbesc peste hotare. Si sunt mindra ca stiu rusa, asa cum o stiu, dar o stiu.

Au trecut multi ani de cind nu am fost la asa fel de antrenamente in grup. Si da, eram eu si fete mult mai mici decit mine. Si stiam ca ele ma vedeau mare. Pentru ca si eu, cind eram clasa 10, credeam ca la 27 ani voi fi casatorita si voi avea copii. Acum insa, cind am ajuns la 27 ani, nu am copii, nu sunt casatorita…  dar sunt fericita.


Incoming message : “We miss you ! It’s been a long six months without you !”



i am really sorry, but i cannot say i feel the same about you. Also, it pains me to tell you that …  there is somebody else. Someone who has been there for me every time i needed, someone who has helped me, offered me ideas and suggestions, and, most importantly …  offered me better prices. I cheated… with  And i am not sorry. Together we have been to more than one location, Budapest, Prague, Barcelona….  And we are happy together.

although me and are going through a break, i hope that things between us will get better. i do not have the time and the resources to be together with it at the moment, but i do miss the cities, the travelling… i miss it a lot, and i hope that in the nearest future, we will be reunited.

Still, dear, i hope you learn a lesson from all this and become better. With more locations, more hostels, better prices and discounts. And then, i may come back.

Till then, goodbye !