Incoming message : “We miss you ! It’s been a long six months without you !”



i am really sorry, but i cannot say i feel the same about you. Also, it pains me to tell you that …  there is somebody else. Someone who has been there for me every time i needed, someone who has helped me, offered me ideas and suggestions, and, most importantly …  offered me better prices. I cheated… with  And i am not sorry. Together we have been to more than one location, Budapest, Prague, Barcelona….  And we are happy together.

although me and are going through a break, i hope that things between us will get better. i do not have the time and the resources to be together with it at the moment, but i do miss the cities, the travelling… i miss it a lot, and i hope that in the nearest future, we will be reunited.

Still, dear, i hope you learn a lesson from all this and become better. With more locations, more hostels, better prices and discounts. And then, i may come back.

Till then, goodbye !


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