Life is what happens in the meantime.

It is seeing a guy taking his girl into his arms and spinning her around. It is seeing an old man kissing his old lady’s hand. It is a 16 year old girl giving motivational speeches in a bar full of smoke and alcohol. It is seeing a love story between a trolleybus driver and the ticket lady. Life is not talking back to the saleslady who has offended you – because you understand that asking whether they are getting any new models anytime soon has offended her –  she feels like her boutique has enough models, it does not matter that they are all grey or black and that they are all waist-less.

Life is the discussion you hear when in the bathroom stall at the mall “Yea, he is mad at me, coz I am busy tomorrow, but I guess I can offer him an unforgettable night in the club WC”.

Life is smiling when you do not feel like it, and feeling better just because you did.

Life is not letting go and helping the people that you care about.

Life is about enjoying the newest James Bond soundtrack, Skyfall.

Life is letting go of what if bad for you. Like alcohol and eating before going to bed. But life is also accepting what is bad for you but what you cannot change, and what makes the people you care about happy –  like eating the food that your father cooked at 10 pm, and having a glass (or two) of wine to go with it.

Life is doing what is best for you.

Life is about reconnecting with old friends. It is about having the courage to say “why not ? “

Life is about getting up at 6:30 a.m. and telling yourself that you are training your own will power, when in reality you just could not sleep.

Life is what happens. Whether you are looking for it or not.

Las Meninas, DiegoVelázquez

Las Meninas, by Diego Velázquez

I do not understand much in art, but i do like paintings. Some more than others.

In this painting, the King and Queen of Spain are reflected in the mirror behind the princess, fact that makes them in front of the painter – who is Velázquez himself –  and thus they are likely to be represented in the canvas that is facing away from us.

Definitely not an ordinary piece.


“How to choose a blog post title” and “Make sure you Google a word before posting it”

I always struggle with finding the appropriate title for a blog post. Like for example, the title of the last one.  Or the title of this one. It kinda reminds me of the blog TheMiddleFingerProject and their “It’s Okay If You Suck At This. Otherwise Called, “Permission to Suck.” Otherwise Called, “Longest Blog Post Title Ever Because Obnoxiously Long Blog Post Titles Are Funny.”

I wanted to call the last post Today  – because it kinda shows what i did today. Also, in the same order of ideas, i could have called it What i read online today, instead of doing research for my thesis.  But that would have been too long, for a title, right? Or, i could have said Articles that i have read today and that will serve as conversation starters when i finally get out of the house and talk to real people. That would have worked.

Should a title represent the post ?  Tell its story in as few words as possible?  When i write down posts that encompass so many ideas, finding a title is a a bit cumbersome. And i struggle.

Well, i guess i will HAVE TO go on to a blogging site and read all about titles there :) And i REALLY wanted to close all these tabs and actually get some work done…

(Jumping to a different topic)

Instead of cumbersome  ( above) i wanted to use the phrase “finding a title is a bugger”. But, as i normally do, when i am not sure about the use of a word or a phrase, especially when it is slang, I Google it. And this is what i found.

Bugger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bugger is a slang word originally used to refer either to anal intercourse, or sexual intercourse with an animal. Today, the term is a general-purpose expletive, 

Urban Dictionary: bugger

Technically means to sodomize, but most people use the word in a variety of situations, often without realizing the true meaning. It is often consi…

Well, i am glad i am not one of those people. So this is not going on the Unintelligent things i said online list. Whew.

Tabs in my browser – internet influences

I have been kinda stressed lately –  a lot of decisions creeping up on me and the more i think about things, the more i want to live forever–  see previous post  –  so i wouldn’t have to take any of these decisions just because ITS TIME. It may be time, but i need to grow up in order to make any of those decisions. And i don’t wanna grow up (sulky face) …

Today was actually fun. I read lots of articles i did not need to read, but which were fun and entertaining. Some of them even motivating.

For example,  How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction –  a very useful tool in real life. Especially if you have a boyfriend and you are trying to discover his secret endeavors. Or simply because usually, there is more to life than meets the eye, and one needs to really stop and enjoy it. No more shoulda woulda coulda. Надо! –  as a friend said. ( translation from russian: HAVE TO!)

I also have What the Research on Habit Formation Reveals About Willpower (And How You Can Apply it to Your Life) open in one tab – examples include flossing ( even if only one tooth), washing the dishes ( even if only one dish), making the bed or working out. And read blogs. I added the latter because the creativity of others often boosts my own ( hence the second post today).

I haven’t really implemented anything mentioned in Find the Right Routine to “Surf” Productivity yet –  i am too disorganized to organize myself in that manner. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Or not.

And last but not least :  this morning i posted “Woulda Shoulda Coulda” as my status on Facebook ( i am trying to share more, contribute more, and thus be part of the digital world more. Recently i was put in the position of providing a link to an something intelligent i said online, and i did not know what to say… so i figured that if i start to saying more things online, who knows, maybe i will get that link). And that lead me to this great blog :  Woulda Coulda Shoulda. And it inspired me, so i will keep on reading it. Maybe not today though, coz i have a phone job interview to get ready for.

Forever Young

It’s later than you think.

And i am not talking about the 21.12.2012. Although that too is an idea :)

If only we were to live longer. Forever, maybe. Forever, but young.

I guess life would never get boring. We would have all the time in the world to make money and we would spend it less carefully, we would travel more, enjoy ourselves more, without thinking that we need to save for an apartment, for the kids, for old age etc. We would not be afraid to experiment new things, to be open minded.

What if I were to live forever ?

I would want to have the body i have now. It needs a little work, but i would have all the time in the world, right?

I would take up dancing. It’s fun, its creative, its energetic and its social. Not to mention the fact that it is a fun workout.

I would be immature. Play silly games, ride roller coasters, learn to play team sports.

I would have the job i want. At some point, i may want to be in marketing. Then i would switch to HR. Then i would try more creative jobs. Then i would become a pilot –  why not? Then a teacher. Then i would go back to business, economics, management. Or everything above  but the other way around.

I would travel the world, live in different cities, meet people and discover cultures.

I would save less and live more.

I would love. Without fear, without thinking of the future, of whether it is a durable relationship or not.

I would put on braces. Because i would afford to smile less for 2 years.

I would get that knee operation. Just to be able to take everything from life.

I would read more books. And i would write one.

I would invent something. Create something.

I would do what i want. Because i would have all the time in the world to spend on figuring out what makes me happy.

Do you really want to live forever … Or never?

Routine search

Whenever i feel under the weather,instead of browsing useless sites that only make me feel worse, i decided to read LifeHacker. It is actually pretty cool, with simple and interesting posts about things that i can relate to. Like this article, for example :

What the Research on Habit Formation Reveals About Willpower (And How You Can Apply it to Your Life)

I have been thinking about the lack of routine in my life , and how something that i enjoy – unpredictability – turned into something that is …  nothing. Routine is structure, and structure is what i lack.

It is common knowledge that he who is busier manages to do more things. Maybe because of the above mentioned organization. Planning and organization can make one dismiss the time-wasting activities and focus on what really needs to be done.

I did wake up early this morning –  at 8:10 –  after my father, who was still in bed, beeped me from his room. Technology these days.

Nevertheless, i did not manage to do much today. 1 hour was lost in an administrative task with my mom, another 2o minutes for breakfast. Some 20 minutes for lunch. I spent 1 hour working out, and the rest was just…. i don’t know. I did read 3 articles related to my thesis, i spent some time apartment hunting, i did browse Facebook, i posted 2 tweets, read approx. 7 articles on LifeHacker, spoke to 2 friends in Skype and….  here i am, at 4:44 pm. I wonder, out of the above mentioned activities, which are the ones that i should dismiss?