Back to Moldova – Day 1

I had decided not to sleep before my 8.00 AM flight to Chisinau, as i had to leave for the airport at around 4 in the morning and considered that 3 hours of sleep would not be enough anyway. I was probably wrong, as while watching a movie, at about 2, my eyelids were already heavy as lead.  Or,  it may have been because of the movie itself …

I was watching ” Parallel worlds” – a movie for girls, as a friend put it. It starts with a great idea, and has a great sci-fi plot but…  it does not explore all the possibilities and, instead of focusing on details and on tackling the novelty of the idea, it is based more on the love story.  They kiss and they hug and they run away from villains that appear out of nowhere without any explanation as to why or how. Then lots of other stuff happens without any logic, and all one can do is shrug and say ” Oh well, the idea of the movie was nice.” It kinda made me think that no, a brilliant idea is not enough –   you have to find the right way to approach it, to tackle the issue, to present it. Otherwise that’s all it is –  an idea. And maybe, due to the fact that you brought it into the world but did not exploit it well, you have hindered others from doing so too, as, by stripping it of its originality, it will never produce the same wow effect.

However, i did manage to stay awake after 2:30, which is my threshold time. If i pass it, i am then awake with no external stimuli, like coffee for example. I did have some chocholate about that time, but that does not count :)

The tram i got into was not empty, as one would have thought, at 4:20 AM on a weekday. Recently i discussed the issue of homelessness with a friend, and my theory was correct –  yes, poor homeless dark skin people sleep in the nr9 tram till the last one ( around 2.20 AM), then they get off at the Central Station where they wait, quite cold, for the first nr9 tram ( at 4:00). So yes, at that early hour, i was glad not to be alone in the tram, but with a friend.

A.  saw me get on the bus to the airport and then waived at the whole bus, as the latter had dark windows and he could not quite locate me in it. It was sweet of him to stay awake with me and then take me to the station, so thank you –  i will send you a bag of goodies, you just wait :)

I closed my eyes for a second, in the bus, and when i opened them, i was already at the airport. The same thing happened in the airplane –  and no, i did not get the salty or sweet crackers and juice that the stewardesses offer during a Meridiana flight. Oh well. At least i slept and thus did not worry about dozing off in the minibus to the city, where it would have been more dangerous to do so, as pickpockets operate on route daily. Although i do admit that it would have been harder to nap on the minibus due to the stinging mixed odors of alcohol and cheap perfume, or fresh meat, pickles and/or live animals/birds.

I got home safely and with a comforting feeling that yes, it was good to be back. Even if the streets were muddy, the sky was cloudy, the drivers nervous and speeding and the apartment was freezing. But the bright side was that the fridge was full and that the water was hot, so after grabbing a bite of my mom’s extraordinary chicken schnitzel, i took a short, but very relaxing hot bath. I only managed to fill half of the bathtub with the water from the boiler, and it got cold quite quickly as i did not have any means to replenish it, but nevertheless, the experience was satisfactory and will be repeated the next time i find myself home alone and/or when i locate the bath salts i stashed somewhere last time i was home.

Even if it was my first day back, i did not manage to escape neither questions nor personal fears about my undefined future. I answered the questions as sincerely as i could – stating that i am not as lost as it may seem and that i plan to take matters seriously, prioritize and find solutions to both my professional and personal uncertainties. In short, i said i would return to being the person that my CV says i am. I decided that i need to prioritize and multitask, as all of the pending issues are of great importance and that i need to act simultaneously on more than one front. So tomorrow, my 2nd day, i plan to get started. Hands on, proactive and motivated. Yes.

It is good to be back home, in my huge bed and my yellow pajamas. Lights off. Day 1, over.


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