Airports (2)

Los Angeles, LAX Airport, October 2006 –  Saying Goodbye

After the extraordinary US trip, we had to say goodbye to a very good friend, who flew to Boston Airport. We have not seen each other since, we are most likely very different persons by now, but i still remember the good times we had together and i still refer to her as “a good friend of mine” D., I miss you ….

New York, JFK Airport, October 2006 –  Hello again

After the trip, me and O. traveled to New York again, to get our bags and spend another night at the youth hostel. By that time, i already had a laptop and thus i joined the persons sitting on the floor in the hallway, talking in skype, using the marvelous WiFi…  Nevertheless, the most memorable moment was when we both got down to the common kitchen and cooked a porridge, and, not having any butter for it, we stole some from the fridge. The latter butter  had a sticker with a name on it –  but we did not read the name, as we did not want to feel like criminals and actually put a name to the sufferer of robbery. I still remember how we cut the butter with a fork, leaving 4 distinctive marks, thus turning the theft act into an obvious one…

MIlan, Malpensa Airport, October 2006 –  Back to Europe

Apparently there was bad weather in NY, because we got on the plane and waited for almost 2 hours before it took off. We were standing in a line  – I was seated at the window and i counted 18 airplanes airborne before us. Nevertheless, we had TVs in and thus on that plane i watched “The Lion King” for the first time. Our adventure had ended, and little did i know that another one was about to begin …..

I rememer how after getting on the bus from Bucharest to Chisinau, i got off at the Central Station, at about 5 AM in the morning. I had no money, so my only option was to wait for my father to get there and take me home. As it was dark, i positioned myself next to a vending booth, where i witnessed people coming and asking for means to get warm.  Both coffee and tea were sold at that booth, but before my father came, it was the vodka that was finished….

And that is where the trip that started my trips ended.

From there, i started my studies in Italy and thus …. Bucharest Otopeni, Milan Malpensa, Bucharest Baneasa, Milan Bergamo, Chisinau Airport. All so familiar.  I traveled. Rome, Bari, Dublin, Barcelona, Vienna, Madrid, Prague, Budapest… Airports, train stations, bus stops… All the same.

Keep moving, it’s fun.


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