Back to Moldova – Day 5

Remember remember, the 5th of November…  I will have to watch the movie today.

The weekend passed very quickly and uneventful in matters of thesis writing, job hunting and personal growth. I did go to the the library on Saturday – after my plans to wake up at 8:30 failed miserably when i shut down the alarm, i was going to be researching thesis topics by 1.PM, but i met a friend in the park and the day was too beautiful to let a walk go to waste.

Golden autumn –  all weekend the weather was extraordinary.  Sunny skies, colored trees, lack of mud and wind …  It was a pity to let such weather go to waste, and thus yesterday i got a few pictures taken, a small photo session, in one of the larges parks of Chisinau –  The Botanical Garden. It was a win-win –  the photographer immortalized the beauty of autumn while at the same time gaining experience and know how of the use of a professional camera, while i got some facebook profile pictures for the whole year to come.

But today is work day. I did snooze the alarm until it stopped ringing, but i am here now, waiting for the library assistant to show up so i can ask for the WiFi password. Maybe if work on my own computer  i will be more productive …


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