One more and i start my report

Well, i am addicted. To TV shows.

What is it about TV shows?  Everybody is watching them non-stop, and everyone is talking about them, it is like we live them …

They are addictive. You start with one episode, and it seems harmless, as you want to relax after a full day, or you just want to pass your time while you eat, or wait for something/someone. But it is not harmless, for once started, a season almost asks you to finish it. People become dezorganized, they miss deadlines, they are late for dates, they postpone things and procrastinate… because they HAD TO finish an episode. Be it Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives or Friends.

They do help you keep your mind off things. And it is ok, for  a while. Till they start keeping your mind off ALL things.

Watching TV is a passive occupation. We think our mind is resting, and, maybe it is, but the brain is till processing all the info that we see and yes, maybe at some point, it considers that we are actually LIVING. Not only watching. TV series are different than a movie in more than a few ways. But basically, the movie has a beginning, a narration, the unveiling of the idea, the action and…. the end. A TV series, on the other hand, is endless. One can watch series after series and never stop, as in every episode, be it 20 min long, or 45, we experience what the characters are experiencing, we agree with it or we don’t, we like it or we don’t. In extreme cases, some become friends with the characters. Pathetic, huh ?

I choose to watch another episode of X and Y instead of a movie –  because its faster. But is it, really? When you watch 2-3 episodes?  And there are no takeaways from series. At least movies –  some of them – have a certain message.

Right now i’m good.  I am at Season 2 of Big Bang Theory, but its been a few days since i touched it. Good. I have other work to do :)


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