This is my BEP

More than one event has prompted me to write this post, but mostly, it was the fact that i just sent an application for a job at TED. I know that the chances to be selected are scarce, but…   wouldn’t that be nice ?

For companies like TED, i am usually sending bold unconventional motivation letters, ditching the usual standard phrases such as ” i am confident that my personal abilities combined with my scholastic knowledge will bla bla”. Maybe that’s because the job descriptions are different. This one, for example, encouraged me to provide links of intelligent things i have said on the net.

Sadly, there aren’t so many to choose from. I do have a blog, but i am not sure it is fit to be shown to a future employer… I do not post anything to Facebook, i rarely comment and i do not have Twitter…. Bummer.

The latter problem was solved this morning, though, when i created a Twitter account. However, I did not post anything intelligent –  just the mere statement of the fact that i had just made pancakes. Still, the latter tweet caused me to gain a few obscure Indian followers…  or was it the photo that did the trick?

I found the experience of using Twitter quite satisfying. By following sites such as LifeHacker and Wired, one could keep updated with the latest news, posts, ideas. Also, there are talks, pictures, videos and lots of other cool stuff…  So yes, I’m gonna say it:  it’s kinda like Facebook, but cooler. You can choose what you follow, and thus spare yourself from useless statuses and dirty gossip…  Which will still be there in Facebook when you want to indulge:) So it’s like moving to a whole new world, but with a way back…

In my junior years, i used to read LifeDev and other similar idea-sites on a daily basis. But somehow i got estranged… and so today was a kind of a reunion. It felt good to be back, especially when the first article i read was deeply motivational and optimistic. And that brings us to why i am really here, on this blog, and why i will be coming back regularly.

The article is called ” Give Yourself Permission to Suck: It’s the Only Way to Learn”.  So yes, i am here on this blog in order to stop sucking so much at writing.

I knew this for a while now. When i was blogging, a few years ago, on the old ” Wake up and Smell the Coffee“, even if the majority of the posts were about feelings and emotions and the like, i could feel my vocabulary expanding, my horizons broadening, my energy rising, my sense of fulfillment increasing and my creativity blossoming. I still don’t really remember why i stopped writing –  but i think it was because of the lack of time. In early 2008 ( when, as my blog statistics show, i posted the most) i was carefree and had a lot of free time on my hands. Me and my friend would meet and discuss what posts we should publish, and on some days, that was the only productive activity i would carry out. But, by September 2008, the worries of adulthood caught up to me and thus, in order to become financially independent i took a part time job that, combined with my studies, occupied most of my time.  Sadly, that period and the periods that followed were both eventful and meaningful, and, by not sparing a couple of minutes ( 30 to 50, actually –  statistically speaking)daily,  i have failed to both offer interesting reading materials for my friends and improve my own writing skills.

I thus ended up sucking at what i consider myself best at. At writing.

As i mentioned it in some of the previous attempts to write a normal blog post, i intend to keep writing in order to get better. I know that the more i write, the more i am inspired, and thus, the more i can inspire others. And that is what i want to do.

So, i will keep on moving, and keep on writing. And maybe in some time, i will be able to provide that link of something intelligent that i have said on the net.


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