Cat Videos

I am truly and utterly amazed of how much i have been missing. Of how much time i have wasted. Of course, i do watch videos on, i do read the news, and i do open the occasional tech-blog.  But… have i really used the internet for what it was originally created for? Not nearly enough.

The Internet is this amazing place where one has access to the heritage of the greatest minds, where one can view the opinions of influential people, where one can discuss and share ideas…. Where one can create, inspire, change. And what do i do, the majority of the time? I watch cat videos.

Here’s one.  How cute is that?

The term “cat video” has been more than once used on the web as a label to describe the uselessness of content. Be it ” How i Met Your Mother”, 9gag or Facebook…  all of them are cat videos. Cute, relaxing, fun. But nothing more.

The rate at which such content is being consumed is ridiculously high. And we enjoy it. I enjoy it. Till that certain moment when i realize that my mind is not that fresh anymore. Cat videos turn me into this passive consumer of …   blob. There are no takeaways, there are no lessons to be learnt.  There are no positives. There is no inspiration. At some point, i realize i am tired, demotivated and depressed. Why ? I have done nothing but consume fun media all day.

Yep.  Done Nothing. 

I think that the excessive consumption of cat videos toast our brains.



Well, i guess not all content on cat video sites  is useless. Some of it may make some sense.

Oh, and comics sites. I love comics sites. Comics are good, right?


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