Yes or No ? What would you do ?

Making decisions is probably one of the hardest things for me, but i tend to think that i have gotten better at it. I do ask people for advice, but in the end, i do not let myself be too influenced by what they say. After all, it is about what I WANT.

What friends and family say does make it easier to find out what that is, though. When i start defending the PRO or the CON list, it becomes very clear, and thus one of the lists gets another item. A heavy one.

I more often incline towards being PRO. It is always better to say Yes, as rejection usually has only one outcome –  NOTHING changes. But if you decide to do something, no matter whether it has been a positive or a negative experience, it is still that –  an experience.

And bad decisions make good stories.

The CON list usually has items such as fear, uncertainty, amount of work needed, exhaustion, complexity, lack of resources, money. And most of the times, when all of the other items are dismissed, only the MONEY issue remains.

And i usually decide to SPEND it. If i have IT.

I do not care much for financial means. Money is only as valuable as what you decide to do with it. I learnt that lesson in 2006, when i decided to follow my sister’s advice and spend about 1.500$ on travelling the US. An opportunity like that does not come along too often, and yes, it has turned out to be one of the most memorable periods in my life.

Great opportunities do not come often in life. But they MAY BE or they MAY NOT BE what we expect. And the fact is, if we do not seize them, we may never know.

So i guess i am going to London.


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