Seeking Inspiration/ Motivation

It’s sad how some days go by and there is nothing to show for them. Days that lack motivation and productivity. A day in which you have not created a single thing. A lost day.

And what is there to be done, in such days?

Well, i for one found other needed/useful things to do, like cleaning or organizing my room. Like setting up the WiFi connection. Like writing the To Do list for tomorrow. Due to the fact that i still have the TO DO list from the 27.10.2012 on my desktop and i have not checked any items off it, i decided to add a few items to it, in order to make sure that i have the least sense of satisfaction in the evening. So, it starts with “Make bed” …

However, i do have a few tricks, a few things that inspire me and make me feel better about myself. Things that wake me up, in a sense. Things that make me say “Meh, it’s only 4:49, the day is still young” or “Ah, what a fine day for Thesis Writing”.

I always feel better after…

… working out. AFTER. Not during. But it is worth it. A healthy mind needs a healthy body.

… singing karaoke. I know, singing along a Youtube video does not exactly amount to karaoke, but, it does the trick for me. And i can sing as if nobody hears me, even if, most of the times, the neighbors do.

… dancing. Especially when it is a well known routine. Like the one from Ally McBeal.

… a  TED talk. That always does the trick. And here’s the talk from today.

“We should be creators, not consumers.” So i stopped consuming Season 3 of Big Bang Theory. Time to do some work.

TEDxToronto 2012 Talk – Ryan Henson Creighton & 5 year old Cassandra Creighton


I also feel better after listening to a song that i have on my computer and have not been able to find anywhere. And, chances are, my new found productivity will be directed towards surfing the web in search of that song. Oh well.


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