Routine search

Whenever i feel under the weather,instead of browsing useless sites that only make me feel worse, i decided to read LifeHacker. It is actually pretty cool, with simple and interesting posts about things that i can relate to. Like this article, for example :

What the Research on Habit Formation Reveals About Willpower (And How You Can Apply it to Your Life)

I have been thinking about the lack of routine in my life , and how something that i enjoy – unpredictability – turned into something that is …  nothing. Routine is structure, and structure is what i lack.

It is common knowledge that he who is busier manages to do more things. Maybe because of the above mentioned organization. Planning and organization can make one dismiss the time-wasting activities and focus on what really needs to be done.

I did wake up early this morning –  at 8:10 –  after my father, who was still in bed, beeped me from his room. Technology these days.

Nevertheless, i did not manage to do much today. 1 hour was lost in an administrative task with my mom, another 2o minutes for breakfast. Some 20 minutes for lunch. I spent 1 hour working out, and the rest was just…. i don’t know. I did read 3 articles related to my thesis, i spent some time apartment hunting, i did browse Facebook, i posted 2 tweets, read approx. 7 articles on LifeHacker, spoke to 2 friends in Skype and….  here i am, at 4:44 pm. I wonder, out of the above mentioned activities, which are the ones that i should dismiss?


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