“How to choose a blog post title” and “Make sure you Google a word before posting it”

I always struggle with finding the appropriate title for a blog post. Like for example, the title of the last one.  Or the title of this one. It kinda reminds me of the blog TheMiddleFingerProject and their “It’s Okay If You Suck At This. Otherwise Called, “Permission to Suck.” Otherwise Called, “Longest Blog Post Title Ever Because Obnoxiously Long Blog Post Titles Are Funny.”

I wanted to call the last post Today  – because it kinda shows what i did today. Also, in the same order of ideas, i could have called it What i read online today, instead of doing research for my thesis.  But that would have been too long, for a title, right? Or, i could have said Articles that i have read today and that will serve as conversation starters when i finally get out of the house and talk to real people. That would have worked.

Should a title represent the post ?  Tell its story in as few words as possible?  When i write down posts that encompass so many ideas, finding a title is a a bit cumbersome. And i struggle.

Well, i guess i will HAVE TO go on to a blogging site and read all about titles there :) And i REALLY wanted to close all these tabs and actually get some work done…

(Jumping to a different topic)

Instead of cumbersome  ( above) i wanted to use the phrase “finding a title is a bugger”. But, as i normally do, when i am not sure about the use of a word or a phrase, especially when it is slang, I Google it. And this is what i found.

Bugger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Bugger is a slang word originally used to refer either to anal intercourse, or sexual intercourse with an animal. Today, the term is a general-purpose expletive, 

Urban Dictionary: bugger

Technically means to sodomize, but most people use the word in a variety of situations, often without realizing the true meaning. It is often consi…

Well, i am glad i am not one of those people. So this is not going on the Unintelligent things i said online list. Whew.

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