Life is what happens in the meantime.

It is seeing a guy taking his girl into his arms and spinning her around. It is seeing an old man kissing his old lady’s hand. It is a 16 year old girl giving motivational speeches in a bar full of smoke and alcohol. It is seeing a love story between a trolleybus driver and the ticket lady. Life is not talking back to the saleslady who has offended you – because you understand that asking whether they are getting any new models anytime soon has offended her –  she feels like her boutique has enough models, it does not matter that they are all grey or black and that they are all waist-less.

Life is the discussion you hear when in the bathroom stall at the mall “Yea, he is mad at me, coz I am busy tomorrow, but I guess I can offer him an unforgettable night in the club WC”.

Life is smiling when you do not feel like it, and feeling better just because you did.

Life is not letting go and helping the people that you care about.

Life is about enjoying the newest James Bond soundtrack, Skyfall.

Life is letting go of what if bad for you. Like alcohol and eating before going to bed. But life is also accepting what is bad for you but what you cannot change, and what makes the people you care about happy –  like eating the food that your father cooked at 10 pm, and having a glass (or two) of wine to go with it.

Life is doing what is best for you.

Life is about reconnecting with old friends. It is about having the courage to say “why not ? “

Life is about getting up at 6:30 a.m. and telling yourself that you are training your own will power, when in reality you just could not sleep.

Life is what happens. Whether you are looking for it or not.


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