Movies (5)

Light, happy and sometimes with a punch line.


Stranger than Fiction

It’s a witty comedy, with a deep meaning. Not so many of those going around.

Routine is good.  Brushing your teeth regularly, 32 times, to be more exact, is good too :)  Life is all about what you make of it. And even if things are already written down for you, sometimes, one can change that.


Just Go With It

A classical love story, but with a bit more comedy to it. We all need some awwwwh in our lives every now and then….

Normally i do not like the movies starring Adam Sandler, but this comedy is really nice. No silly jokes, a bit of a ridiculous situation though, but hey,  life too can be a bit absurd sometimes.


Life as we know it

My kind of comedy :) Easy breezy guy meets girl love story.  Real enough, with a happy ending. Food for soul, if you’re a girl :)


My girlfriend’s boyfriend

Only watched the first 20 min, got too bored and gave up.


Friends with Benefits 

Another love story to make girls sigh. Good quality and reduced cheesy moments. Funny, good to watch.


The Ugly Truth

Girls looove romance. And happy endings.

Another romantic comedy for an evening with a glass of ( for me, preferably white ) wine.


Love actually

The title says it all.  When life seems all gloomy and sad, this movie is optimistic and makes you feel all warm and comfortable …  Plus to that, it’s with Hugh Grant :DDD


Original Sin

Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie are getting it on :)



Really ?


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