Movies (6)


Yes, it is yet another movie about aliens. Or ok, about one particularly witty alien. It is not a typical man versus alien movie –  Paul is actually sweet. Although there are some moments in the movie when you might question why you are watching it, it’s good for an evening when you just wanna relax,wanna fall asleep with something playing in the background,  when you are doing other things at the same time, or when you know you will be interrupted several times…

Frankie and Alice

It’s just different. Surprising.

How to train your dragon 

I really like animated films :)  And this one is really optimistic and different from pixar.


The next three days 

A bit of action, a bit of drama, a bit of reality. Motivational.




Beer and friends are a must when watching this :)  It is definitely a movie to make fun of :DDD . Although the idea of the movie is a bit scary ( especially if you are a guy), it is not that badly made. Not good, but not bad either.   6/10.


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