Movies (8)

The Ghost Writer

The typical drama with the bad guys and the good guys and the mystery of someone’s death. And politics. But it adds a bit more to the table, as for example, i do not understand much of politics, but after this movie i kinda got the main idea. Behind a strong man, there is always a strong woman :)   9/10


The Man From Earth

Yes, they are all in a room and all they do for the entire movie is talk. But what they talk about is very intriguing. Subtitles are a must, and so is general knowledge :)  The movie really does show some interesting ideas, some of them even bold.  9/10


Kill the Irishman

It is based on a true story, but…  it has no beginning and no end. It describes a life, but with highlight on a specific aspect of the life, while the other elements are ignored, fact that at some level, causes gaps in the story. The movie is meaningful, it shows how legends arise. It is a bit boring though.  6/10.


The Moon

In the most harsh conditions, it’s love and hope that keeps us going.

The first time, i closed the player at about 20 min, which is right where things start to get interesting. It is not a comedy, not much is going on, only a handful of actors –  but c’mon, what do you expect, it’s the moon.

The trailer is kinda explicit and may ruin the whole surprise element, but here it is anyway.


Law Abiding Citizen

A man’s struggle for justice.  The line between right and wrong becomes kinda blurry at some point.



Yes, the classical “the end of the world is near and only Nicholas Cage knows about it “. The movie is quite nice though.



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