How “Back to Moldova ” day 44 changed into “Back to Milan” day 1

It all changed in one minute.  Most of the times, that’s all it takes.  And yes, when an opportunity knocks at your door –  or in this case, calls you on Skype, you do not say no. You maybe think for a little about how you will be sad and lonely for the winter holidays, but then you remember that you have old friends where you are going, people that you need to reconnect with, people that you were once very close to. So you  buy a plane ticket. You cut your hair, you paint your nails, pack 2 huge bags of everything, buy candy and biscuits, say goodbye to friends and family. And you go.

Because enough is enough. 44 uninterrupted days at home. Unemployed. Or, as i thought of it –  unpaid vacation.

These have been 44 very full days.

Wine with parents, discussions about times long gone, philosophy debates, musical debates, double bed, always a full fridge without having to go to the store, food on the table with no prior cooking, and always a sink full of dishes. Time spent with friends. Fun.  Beer on Saturdays (part of the Alcohol Consumption Decrease Program), coffee at the local Starbucks look-alike every other day, sharing stories and emotions. Paying only 19 euro cents for public transportation when in a hurry, and 13 euro cents when in the mood to contribute directly to the state. Cold outside, but expensive heat system working indoors. A bath tub, and bath salts. Lots of pairs of shoes to choose from before going out. Lots of winter coats. And scarves. And umbrellas. A washing machine that plays a song when it is done washing. Dancing classes. And lots of To Do Lists.

It’s snowing.

But enough is enough. It is time to do some actual work and some good for the economy.  Or some damage to the hiring company –  this might be more my case :)


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