Milan, Day 2

There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about my trip to Milan.

Using my extraordinary packing skills, i managed to get a lot of stuff into the Made in China bags and also got them to weigh the exact maximum of 23 kg each, without weighing anything prior to that. Although it is true that i know my jeans weigh about 500 grams, and 4 winter sweaters are almost 1 kg. Nevertheless, impressive. Especially as my father was certain that each back weighed more than 23 kg and was sure that the black one was much heavier than the blue one. Nope.


Seeing the city again did not cause any positive emotions –  i knew the streets, i recognized the neighborhoods  i understood the language –  but i had not missed any of it, even if at times, when in Chisinau, I had thought i did. And now, i miss Chisinau. So i guess i do think that it’s better where i am not, that the grass is greener in the neighbor’s garden, or, in this case, that the weather is warmer in Chisinau. It’s not, but still, frustration remains.


This would have been the first time in 5 years that i had not seen the Milan Christmas tree. But there is nothing to see –  Italy is in crisis, the officials allocated far less money for decorations than last year and, this time, i think i can say that no, there is not much of a Christmas atmosphere here in Milan. The latter is more present in Chisinau, where street decorations go all the way to my house. Mmm, my house. The double bed. The tea that tastes better. The TV that i watch only on Tuesdays….


As i came to Milan, most of my closest friends either left for their Christmas breaks or were preparing to. Seeing them off to the airport, i was left in the snow thinking: and now what?  My feet were wet, my hands were tired and my back hurt from carrying a heavy bag around all day. I thought i had escaped the harsh winter weather, but i guess one can fly away but one cannot hide. It snowed here in Milan, but, surprisingly, traffic was not paralyzed and people seemed to be enjoying the snow. Even I had a small snowball fight, at 4 am.


I intend to make the most of the people that stay here for the holidays. I have made a bunch of promises to myself –  some of them i have actually written down, and for some i have already set up the infrastructure. But, undoubtedly, some of them will remain with the status of project. Some of them will be dismissed gradually, while others will be shot out in the earliest stages. And only a few pre -christmas holiday . beginning of new life resolutions  will actually be honored. I just do not know which ones yet.


My first holidays abroad. I wonder how i will pass them. Writing my thesis and working my ass off, i suppose.


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