These 2 days have certainly been new.

First of all, i started an internship – all is new. Taking the bus in the morning, with all the school children. Being stuck i traffic. Feeling back pain because of the heavy laptop bag. Travelling outside Milan to get to the office. The latter is nice though –  the inside design combines lively colors and there are lots of work stations, sofa’s and different meeting areas and lounge places. And there is free coffee :)

With a new internship also came a new laptop, with a different operating system, a different MS Office, a different web browser, different e-mail and different search engine. And lots and lots of network software. And new business-casual clothes.

I also have a  new home.  A new neighborhood, where i already got lost once. A new room –  it is quite big, but i still i managed to make it look messy, with my not so new stuff  :) New flatmate, new WiFi password, new bed –  same sheets and pillow though. And same slippers.

New everything. New me. Same attitude though. Positive.


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