How i was once again reminded that life is short

During the 1st week of work, everything is usually both confusing and exciting at the same time. I, for example, have lots of energy and enthusiasm, although i know that what awaits me is not pretty at all.

The first week is when you get all the bureaucratic stuff in order. It’s when you get your gadgets ( your HP EliteBook, your branded mouse and headphones), your passwords and your access approvals. It is the week when you spend a lot of time with the IT guys, and they give you candy. Also, it is the perfect week to have a first encounter with an outsourced Call Center. In my case –  the XXX Global Help Desk.

It was funny how the guy on the phone kept asking me questions, in a very polite and structured manner, but when he asked the reason for calling, and i told him the whole story, he let me understand that just the first sentence would have been enough :)

That guy – he was probably Chinese, judging from the accent – answers calls all day every day. And i knew that, so i told him he had been very nice and wished him a nice day. Because Life is too short to remove USB safely (copyright from the IT guy’s desk).  And i do not envy him for the work that he does –  although he is probably well remunerated, when compared to his country’s average salary.

We spend most of our lives working. That is why it is very important to like what you do. Or to know that you make a difference. Or to have free snacks and coffee at the office.


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