Today, in 397 words

Today was the first day when I was supposed to work from home. I got my remote access, I got my tasks in order –  so I was good to go. Until I snoozed the alarm. Twice.

In my defense, the alarm had initially been set at 6:30. And who gets up at that hour to write the thesis ? Not me, that’s for sure. Even if I had gone to bed early –  in order to make getting up at 6:30 justifiable – I did not really get a good rest, as the neighbors wanted to vacuum the whole house, and then dry their hair before the end of the world. Oh, and then they had visitors. Italian visitors. Loud visitors. Ciaooooo, come staaaaaaaaaai, buona nooooooooteeeeeeeeee etceteraaaaaaaaa. And even now, at 22:55 pm, they are vacuuming. I wonder whether they are trying to pay me back for the day before yesterday, when I had a lot of work to do and did not manage to wash my hair until midnight, and I was thus drying it at that late hour….. If yes, then I admire their dedication :)

So I got up at 7:10, and decided to go out. Even if it was dark. Even if it was -4 degrees. Even if I have nothing warm enough to wear.

My office today was in 3 different places –  1st, my former dorm, with a construction site next door; 2nd, at my colleague’s house, where i worked with their cat purring in my lap; and 3rd, at the university library, at the new-renovated-with-desks-that have-plugs-library. And while I was at that –  working for the company whose products I use a lot, but now I kinda HAVE to use –  I got an e-mail from the company I really wanted to work for and whose product I have recently labeled as my most valued possession, who asked me to phone interview with them. So after receiving numerous e-mails from them saying that they “will not consider my candidature for the selection process” and wishing me luck in my future endeavors, now I am the one saying ” thank you, but I am already taken by a company who is cool enough, but not as cool as you“… Oh well, that’s that.

I wonder if the company whose name has entered the dictionary will contact me. Before the end of the world, of course. I guess I do not have that much time.


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