The day after the end of the world

You know what, I think I am already warming up to this new work laptop –  it is small, true, but it is light and has a long battery life. And a smooth keyboard, and Windows 8 :D

It has been almost a week since I moved here, and today I have seen the room in daylight for the first time. Also, today i have looked out the window for the first time. Leaving the house at about 7:45 each morning, when it is still dark, and coming home at around 8 pm, when it is already dark-  there is not much time for anything. Not even for Christmas shopping.

I feel it as the radio keeps playing Christmas songs and thus I get Jingle Bells stuck in my mind for hours before I switch to Last Christmas, I gave you my heart … So yes, today I did my Christmas shopping and sent the gifts through the miracle that we call Gobba.

All in all, it was a pleasant process – I went to Duomo, looked at all the holiday sales, checked the producer tents… I also spent more than half of my budget for the rest of the month. But I don’t really need to buy food, right? I heard humans can survive on water alone for 7 days in a row. Yahoo! answers says that it is a lot more –  up to 8 weeks. I intended to eat on day 7, close to New Year’s Eve, but I guess I will be able to wait for my first paycheck !

All the gifts that I sent were  a surprise. And I was wondering, do I tell the people that they are gonna get something in the “mail”, or do I wait ?  My mom told me that it is better to let people know, as this way they can enjoy the wait, and then have the surprise anyway, as they do not know what exactly they are getting. So I went with that approach and told them. Especially as I wanted to make sure they didn’t make other plans for the afternoon when the “mail” gets there.

And no, the world did not end. Yes, we are still here.


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