No human contact – day 4

We really are the generation that has seen a tremendous technological progress. We are the ones that still remember what it was like when there were no cell phones –  the excuse ” i called, but i could not get a hold of you” was actually valid at the time. We are the ones who remember how people used to gather and talk, as it was the only way to find out what was going on in the world, in the community. We remember how people used to tell stories, sing and dance.

But now we have the Internet. And thus somehow, the fact that i have not seen a live soul for 4 days is ok.

Working from home has its advantages. Today was thus a normal day at “the office” –  my room-  sitting on the bed, in my uniform –  pajamas, slippers and pink bathrobe – with my own personal snacks ( not the free ones from XXX :) ) and my tea. I woke up at 9:03 this morning –  i snoozed the alarm far too many times, i think –  and at 9:05 i was already discussing today’s agenda with my supervisor, through the XXX company messenger.

So far so good.

I have plenty of food. I work from home. My friends and acquaintances are either not here in the city, or busy with their own stuff. My family is far. I have Internet. And it’s raining outside.

Thus there is no reason to get out of the house.

Or is there?

For a short glimpse of a second, i imagined a future where we all sit in our own chairs, in our own rooms –  or cages –  and not have any physical interaction at all. Because we do not need it. As i did not need it during these last 4 days.  We have Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube. And lots more. All the entertainment we need is just a click away. And one does not have to make any other effort to get it –  there is no need to deserve it. You just consume. As much as you want. When you want. What you want. How you want.

I imagined a future like the one described in Wall-e. Where we are all fat robots. Lonely fat robots.

I heard a theory saying that this technological progress is a way for nature to stop us from multiplying at such rates. Could be.

And, to conclude, a TED video. And a decision to go outside tomorrow.

Ben Saunders: Why bother leaving the house?


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