Shoulda Woulda Coulda

2012 has been a lucky year for me. But this is not a post about 2012.

It is about how i shoulda woulda coulda.

I was supposed to pass this numerical assessment test today –  for a graduate program. So? what did i do ?

I wrote a message to myself yesterday, asking myself, if I REALLY WANTED IT, and as the answer was yes, i also wrote SO WORK FOR IT.

But did i really ?

I solved 1 practice test yesterday, and got a 25%. And even when i returned to the questions,with no time pressure, i still could not solve some of them correctly, with reasonable speed. Shame on me.

I spent the rest of the day working on the thesis, so ok, i have an excuse for yesterday.

But what about today ? What are today’s excuses?

I slept in –  till 10 –  ok, lets say i am tired from work bla bla bla. And then i just fussed around the room, this and that. And I did not start doing anything productive till 3.

Now that has no excuse.

I solved some other tests. I got a 33% on another test, a 44% on yet another. I would only manage to answer 85% of the test, and then i would just pick answers at random. It happened to get some right. Nevertheless, I started thinking that maybe the practice tests were more complicated than the ones that are really given. Or that there had to be ways to approximate the results.

The problem with these tests is that you have to be really quick about your calculations.  And they are not simple calculations.So you have to figure out the problem and then calculate large amounts of numbers –  all in more or less than 1,5 minutes –  it is hard, if not impossible.

Then i heard differently.

A friend said that after some 20+ tests one gets used to them and thus is faster. I did not have time to do the 20+ :   because i had wasted time all day today, you know.

So i did a couple.

OK, i did one.

The good thing is, some of the questions –  about 6 out of 18, were the same as in that practice test. It was lucky that i chose that particular one –  from the 9 files that i have.

The bad thing is … i did not write the results down. So all i had was the method of calculation, and no result. Still, it was better than nothing. I actually got confident. Until i checked the time.

Even with an advantage, i did not manage to do all the questions. When i only had 3 minutes left and 4 more questions, i just chose at random. The best guess i could make. Oh well.

Anyway ….  I really should have done more tests. And i should have written the results.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda.


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