Yes, i still read ….

… something other than Facebook status updates. Sometimes.

When i was younger i used to read a lot more. I remember going to the school library even when i was too short to reach higher than the second shelf.

At that time i really enjoyed reading fairy-tales, and then i moved to Alexandre Dumas and Anne&Serge Golon, with the Angelique series. Novels of passed times – perfect for 15 year old girls –  with stories of

As a young girl i really enjoyed the novels of passed times – with their beautiful dresses and fancy hair styles, with the handsome gentlemen that took them out for walks in the flowery gardens, with maids that gossiped all day long…

Then came Agatha Cristie with Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express ( which i did not expressly like) and And Then There Were None ( or Ten Little Niggers ) that i really enjoyed.

Of course, just as the next girl i quickly shuffled through some Jane Austen books.

Among the Romanian authors, i especially enjoyed the works of Camil Petrescu ( Patul lui Procust, Ultima Noapte de Dragoste, Intiia Noapte de Razboi), Marin Preda ( Cel mai iubit dintre Paminteni) and Liviu Rebreanu ( Ion ). Most of the latter readings were compulsory, but as a highschool student, there was barely any time left for other literature ( an excuse, i know).

Then there came a pause …. not because of less time, but because other means of entertainment were available – TV and Internet. Social Network Pages on and chatting on Mirc , watching MTV – other excuses not to read.

Still, i got back to the habit of turning book pages outside the university curriculum. I admit that 1 book per month is not a milestone i’ve hit, but now that i have an e-book reader, i am kinda all out of excuses not to read :)


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