Murphy’s Laws and such


  • “Delay is the hidden form of refusal”  –  3rd law of Parkinson
  • “Optimism thinks this is the best world to live in; Pessimism already knows there is no better world.”  – Oppenheimer’s observation
  • “Countries and people will act rationally when all the other options will have been exhausted” – Law of Katz
  • “To err is human; but even more so is to blame others” – Jakob’s Law
  • “Those who have to travel the shortest distance to a point arrive last”
  • “If A is success, and its formula is A =  X+Y+Z, X is work, Y is play and Z is keep your  mouth shut” – Einstein’s formula
  • “The sum of the intelligence on Earth is constant; it is the population  that is rising” – Cole’s Axiom
  • “The world is separated in two groups: people who are right and those who are not. The first category separates it. ” – Cohen’s second law
  • “Even cannibals are sometimes sick of people. ” – Turkowitz Hypothesis
  • “When you want to show someone that a machine is not working, it will work.”

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