The concept of LifeLogging


Lifeloggers (also known as lifebloggers or lifegloggers) typically wear computers in order to capture their entire lives, or large portions of their lives. ( via Wikipedia)

What would happen if we would record each movement, each moment, each quantifiable measure of our lives?

We all more or less do that already –  blogs, statuses, check-ins – but, as of now, lifelogging on a large scale is only in its incipient phase. We choose what to post, what to share, what to tweet, what picture to upload. Lifelogging is a different concept, as it is based on stripping us of exactly that – of the choice of what to record. The purpose is to record our lives, each an every moment – as 1. life is short and 2. our memory is both unreliable and … short.

So LifeLogging is a BigBrother that watches over you. And, just in the show with the latter name, people act differently, when under observation, or, in this case, when recorded.

For one, we act more responsibly, as we fear public judgement. We also try to hide the elements that we consider shameful – elements that are nevertheless real, elements that are unworthy, or secrets.

Secondly, we take fewer risks –  as we no longer fear just failure per se, but also the fact that the said failure will be recorded and thus will be there forever. For us to see, to be haunted by.

We would take the safe route more often. We would be less creative. We would take fewer risks. Because yes, maybe bad decisions make good stories, but the latter certainly do leave tracks. Tracks that are become increasingly tangible when all the mistakes are recorded.

But these very elements are what make our lives what it is –  they are an important part of our reality. And thus, by changing our behavior in front of the camera, we would be changing our lives. Maybe for the better. We would certainly break less rules. We would cross the street in the designated places. We would always wait to find a trashcan and would not litter.

On the street, we would not avoid talking to people that we know, by suddenly choosing a different route.

We would not buy that extra chocolate, or that pack of cigarettes.

And so much more.

Does that mean that  we would all merge towards the socially acceptable and thus, we would all  be ….  standardized? Stripped of the very elements that make us who we are?

For sure, we would not be living as we would have, we would miss out on real life and …  we would be recording something that is not our life. Fact that defies the purpose of the carrying a log device with you in the first place.

And, for last,  here is the original article ( in Russian).

Enjoy :)


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