Remember the story, The Ant and the Grasshopper?

Yes, i sung in the summer. And in autumn. And about 1 month of winter. And then the time came to dance.

I knew in about July that i should not leave the thesis till the last moment. So i, like a hard working ant that i thought i was, chose a thesis supervisor and more or less decided on a theme. I even had an interview with a person from a Web Listening company, who was supposedly going to help me with the databases.

So yes, i actually had a plan.  Relax for about a month  ( till the half of August), then, while in Moldova, write the thesis and look for a job during daytime, go out just in the evenings, sleep just the normal amount of 8 hours per day, and quit watching TV shows.

It sure sounded like a plan. But the calculations from home rarely match those of the market.

So, July passed with a lot of fun, August was  too hot to think, September and October were full of fun, travel and some work  done every now and then …  November was when i realized i needed to get things going, and December was when i got an internship at the Blue Company.

The ant in me was mad. But the grasshopper was calm – with a few un-human efforts, with cutting back on time consuming  daily activities like enjoying a meal and sleeping, the thesis would be ready.

And it was.

I submitted it in the last possible moment, with the last changes made a few minutes before clicking upload and ticking the box that asked Are you sure this is the final version? Yes, it was the final version. Not the best one. But final.

So yes, the ant would have probably submitted a better thesis. But the Grasshopper had more fun.

And they live longer.