What my graduation has taught me

rox graduation 1

So here i am, officially graduated.

After long  days of thinking about the thesis, after quite some nights when i would work on it completely unproductively and after a few nights in which i actually moved forward with it, there i was, in front of the commission, with a trembling voice and a tight dress ( i blame all the candy, the sweet tea, the coffee, the brioches, and the snacks that tempted me during the long late hours spent in front of the computer).

I was there, my friends were there, my thesis was in my hands and the commission was  looking through what seemed to be yet another copy of my thesis. Due to a printing mistake, in addition to the 2 copied of the thesis that the student normally gets, our generation –  me included –  got 2 more copies. So yes, now i can distribute them to friends, and to family, and be proud of my work etc etc etc.

Except that i won’t. My thesis will gather dust somewhereon the shelf, just like my other thesis’s lay in some folder somewhere in my old computer. Forgotten.

Just like my graduation day.

It was a cold Monday morning, and there was no party to look forward to. First of all, because i had a full work week ahead, and second of all…. because i had not planned one. And now i know.

Always take time, off work, if you have to, to plan entertainment. Work will be there when you get back to it. Work is always there. Fun, however, is not. 

Remember that, dear future me. Or life will go past you just like your graduation. Un-celebrated. And with a light fever.



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