April 16th, 2013

Today is probably the second day of the rest of my life, let’s say. And yesterday was a very good 1st day. I actually managed to spend some time catching up on who i used to be before.  And aside from sleep and free time, that is what i miss the most.

Today, i feel like the world is at the tip of my fingers, and all i have to do is reach out and get it.  Of course, today is also the day when i am attending a full day online meeting/conference on the Safety at the workplace, which means that i can easily both follow the right of my screen –  the presentation –  and the left of my screen, something personal.

It looks like when one starts work, a lot of  personal  is lost. I rarely use my personal computer, i mostly have no time for my  personal projects, i have to put work ahead of personal matters and, sadly, i feel like a lot of my personality is lost. Day in and day out.

And personally, i think i need another job.


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