The words we choose to live

April 16th, 2013

First things first, that’s what i said today. Small, baby steps towards the set goal. Too bad i have no access to coffee, though.

Deeds, not words. Better well done than well said.

Some evenings i just lie in bed and i know that it is late, i know i should sleep, but i just do not want the day to end. Because there is something missing.

Today i was thinking of my own Eat Pray Love,  and thought that for me, it would most likely be  Eat Sleep Grow. 

Eat healthy, reasonable, and preferably at fixed hours. Rest for at least 7 hours per night, preferably go to sleep before midnight.

Grow. Create. Dream. Have Fun, free your mind. Love. 

And live each day so that in the evening you cannot wait for another day to start.



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