Why i disabled wall posts from Facebook on my Birthday

I do not know.

I wanted to do that last year too. But last year i just took the Bdate out of the profile, but still there were people who remembered and posted on the wall, thus kinda ratting me out.

I am not offended by people that forget. No, in this fast paced all work no play environment, i know that there are days when you do not know what day of the week it is, let alone the date. So no, it is not so i would filter out my friends and see who remembers.

I almost forgot to congratulate my sister. I had to add a reminder. So yes, this is how it is. We do not forget an appointment at work, but we forget friends/relatives important dates. The former forget us however, while the latter, never do….

As of now, i have  421 friends on Facebook. Of course, when seeing that it is my birthday, not all of them will write, because i myself do not write to all the people that have a birthday on a certain day. But some 50+ people will decide to post either a 250 character message or a simple ” Happy Bday”. Which i do not want.

The ones who are important, the ones i want to hear from, will either send a private message, e-mail  me, call me or visit me. And this is how it is supposed to be.


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