Being different, feeling different, seen different

I was watching America’s got talent and a guy came on stage… he was all dressed in black,he had long black hair,eyes darkened with makeup and weird blue contacts. .. he said that he has always been rejected/felt like a reject, so it made me think. … is he rejected due to his look, or did he choose the look as a result of being rejected? This way he can say to himself that his look is the reason he is rejected, which is a somewhat easier thing to accept than thinking that you’re an outcast just because you really cannot fit in, that nobody can love you and be around you… looking different than the rest of the society offers the feeling of choice: it I who chose to be different, I know I do not fit in and I don’t want to.

So bottom line: is choosing to look so different actually a way of protection? Is the “flashy” actually screaming “insecurity”?

And here is the video, enjoy :)


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