Yes. Tomorrow i start to diet.

“Stop whining; work with what you have and make the best of it”

It does somehow look like no matter what, i am not happy. And i consider myself a positive person :)  Up till now, i was busy. Very busy. I had little or no time to myself, fact that has jeopardized aspects such as appearance ( nail polish, hair styling and other girly stuff), aspects of health ( increased consumption of alcohol, fast food, little – ooook, NO excercise) and aspects of personal growth ( reading, blogging/creating,  learing something new). However now, when i am faced with the possibility of having too much time to myself, i am terrified.

But ok, i said, i will work with what i have. I am stuck here in Italy for at least 2 more weeks? Ok, it will  exactly give me the opportunity to diet, to exercize and to actually secure a healthy future (in more than one way). So i guess not all is bad.

Of course i wanted to go home and spend the evenings with my family/friends, in a non-italian environment where outside one does not melt. But, ok, i am working with what i have :)

Tomorrow is the first day. Let’s see how that goes.


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