Wednesday, day 5

To my above statement “Don’t believe all you hear, don’t spend all you have and don’t sleep all you want” i could easily add another another element, and, to be more specific “ and don’t eat what you want”.

Yep, this is it : Diet, Day5.

It is not like I actually have a choice.  I do not believe all I hear,  as when I am told that X will be done on Monday morning, it is done on Tuesay, Y should have been off on Wednesday, it happened on Saturday, I was told I was getting a notification, I did not, Z was supposed to be working on Thursday, and it started showing signs of movement on Tuesday next week. So no, it has been a while since I believed all I heard.

Don’t spend all you have –   hah, easy when you do not have much reserves and a lot of future scheduled expenses. I do need a white summer bag, though….

 Don’t sleep all you want –   also easy when you live in a shared apartment with 4 girls and only 1 bathroom. Each evening, before going to bed, we assign “ Morning Bathroom usage slots” : we decide at what time each one of us will wake up and using the facilities. This morning, the slots 6:55, 7:05 and 7:15 were all taken before I could finish my evening chores, and so I was left with the 6:45 one ( 7:25 and later is not really an option given the time frame available for the morning duties: preparing the food that was not ready in the evening, ironing, making tea and then not drinking it etc) I usually even prefer the morning slot, as it gives me a bit of flexibility ( and more time) and thus I am confident that one of these days I will actually manage to drink my tea IN THE MORNING and not in the evening, when I get home.

This morning my room-mate jumped out of bed at the sound of my alarm  :  she was trying to steal my slot :)

And last but not least,

Do not eat all you want –   I had heard about the Dukan Diet from my sister, and she said that even if she did not really follow it to the letter, it still worked. So I thought I would give it a try, in an effort to 1. Get ready for swimsuit season/going to the seaside 2. Maybe look better in a tight orange dress I recently acquired / and in last year clothes  and 3. To save some money.

Well, the last point was not achieved, as protein is kinda expensive…  as about the 1st two points, I am still hoping. Hoping and weighing myself on a scale that is not really accurate, it is + / –  1 kg..  we are not sure which.

Day 1 of diet was ok, I guess, as I was only getting used to the food. The roommate that is also on a diet ( let’s call her G), has tricked me into buying low fat milk products, and I, naively, used them as a substitute for fat free milk products ( which now I know is not the same). And thus on day 1 and 2 I actually ate only salt free chicken and turkey breast, boiled eggs and these low fat  instead of  fat free  milk products. Fact that has probably rendered the whole diet useless.


day4I decided to not cave, howerver, and continued, on Monday, with the second stage of the died: Adding the Veggies. These days have not been so bad, actually, as I enjoy eating tomatoes as a snack, and I actually really like grilled peppers and zucchini. The meat is also better: I am adding a bit of lemon juice for the taste.

So I guess I am fine so far, if you do not count in the SUGARLESS tea and coffee. No AMERICANO MACCHIATOs either.

And it is a shame. My last days here in Italy, and I cannot have a decent cup of coffee. OK, I can have just coffee, with no milk and no sugar, it is just not the same….

In the next phase ( this current phase is supposed to last 6 days, but I am cutting it short to 5 : aaah this diet is not really according to the book anyway) I am allowed 2 celebration meals per day. And I am actually thinking of going to an ALL YOU CAN EAT Chinese restaurant on Saturday…..


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