Choose what you want to be (I Choose To Be Happy – Lizzie Valasquez)

I Choose To Be Happy –  Lizzie Valasquez (TEDxYouthAustin)

Yes, these are the people who deserve our total admiration and respect !

It is actually kinda funny how i started writing a post about the current perception of beauty now, when i am on a diet, worrying that i am not “pretty enough” or ” light enough” ( there, i said it)

We currently have a narrow perception of what beauty is, but compared to the past, we have come a long way. I remember my grandmother saying that when she was little, “the weird” people lived in a separate part of the village, across the hill, and later, across the river as well. And i always wondered what she meant by that : why were those people “weird”? And, also, i kept thinking how lonely they must feel, way over there across the river, without the possibility to freely go into town, to talk to someone or to buy a piece of bread.  That is why they all gathered to live in a separate part of the village : it was their own “weird” place, where nobody was “weird” because they were all the same. Outcasts.

I did not go to the other side of the village, as i was taught to be afraid. Too bad though –  i am sure the people there would have had so much to tell me, teach me, show me. And weirdly enough, what i have been told ever since i was little ( to beware of the “weird people”) did not really stick. It is true that i am not really searching for their company, but should it happen to me to be close to a person that is “different”, i do not step away. They might have something interesting to say, as they see life from such a different perspective.

For example, a few nights ago, in the subway station, there was only one seat available  – next to a physically challenged man. I sat there; he was on the phone. He sounded very normal –  it was just his exterior that was “different”. Also, it sounded like he had a normal job, and that next month he would go on a business trip –  which was also nice to hear. So yes, people have already passed over some of their prejudices, they accept the “different” more now than they did in the past….  And it made me smile.

After his call, he eventually looked at me and said :  ” Find a man that opens the door for you, pays for dinner and knows that it is you whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with”. Sweet, right?

So yes, i admire the “weird” people, because everything comes harder for them. And still, they find the will power and the strength not to give up, and, a lot of the times, they achieve much more than a “normal” person. Because they know how to love themselves the way they are, they are more accepting of others and they know that all that really matters is what you do and who you are –  not what you look like.


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