Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW

I do have a dream. Do you?

And my excuses are varied, complicated, sometimes even valid…  but they are still excuses.

I do not know anyone doing it, and actually being able to live off it. So ok, maybe i will be doing it on the side…  Yes, after the 9-5 job, in the same time frame where i will fit in sports, quality time with family and friends, household chores, personal care time and sleep. Yes, i tell myself, i will have the time do DO IT, if not, i will make time. But will i? Or will i be left with just that….   a 9-5 job, then sports, quality time with friends and family, household chores, personal care and sleep… and the latter will be the only time i am allowed to “live” my dream?

It is difficult to pursue. I would have to do X and Y and Z. I am not afraid to work hard for it, but i will have to make some difficult choices. My close relatives will not agree, but i am sure my spouse will, so at least i have that working for me.

I would have to ask for help.

I would have to fail. A lot. And then some more.

It will be difficult.

I would have to give up, at least at the beginning, a lot of my other activities. I am not able to quit my job, and thus i will be working on my passion outside work hours, when i am already tired and lifeless, with the hope that my passion will make up for it. It will probably take longer to get to where i want to be, as i will not be PHYSICALLY able to both deliver a good work performance and work on my own project. And then there are the other obligations… So yes, there will probably be NO TIME for me to pursue my dream, as i am too busy screening facebook, snoozing the alarm 4-5 times, watching mindless TV series, wasting time with the wrong people and worrying about the unimportant.I do cherish the time i have with my family, with my true friends; i cherish the time i spend doing what is right at the moment. But that should energize me, not render me lifeless. So something is wrong here….

I am afraid i will be bad at it. And then what will i be left with? What will my dream be?

That and more, are the reasons i will fail at having  a great career. Unless…..


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