Autumn thoughts

So today was not only the 2nd day of Autumn, but also my first day of work after the 2 weeks of holiday, and the first day of work from the 4 weeks that i have left at the Blue Company. Sad? Yes, as it is Autumn already, and winter is coming :(

I changed the month in all the reports at work… 08 to 09. And that made me think : this is really happening. It is here.  September.

Autumn air, autumn leaves, autumn clothes and autumn thoughts.

I am a bit sad to know that in one month, my life will not be filled with Excel files, i will not be using Office 2013 and i will most probably be unemployed. I will be living at home with my parents, reminding myself that ” A job application per day keeps unemployment away”, eating healthy and tasty and having an occasional glass of wine with my father. I will be making plans and ( i hope) i will be re-learning how to drive, i will finally get to spend more time with the persons i feel i am neglecting and, most importantly, i will finally be able to clean and organize my room, and who knows, maybe i will find my pajama top.

This summer was not really like all the other summers that i have had, as this was the 1st summer i spent in the working class. I cannot say i did not enjoy it: having more funds to spend is nice, actually shopping for things you do not really need and saying things like ” oh, money is not the problem”… Yep, but time was. And is. The problem.

So here i am again, on the second day of Autumn, thinking about the life-work balance. This summer has been long, i may say, as i was not always doing what i wanted to do. I am a bit jealous of the persons that want so little, and expect so few things of themselves… they are the happiest. But i do have to admit that the goals that i have set for myself have, if not been achieved, at least become more real. So yes, this summer i may have went to the sea only for 3 days, yes, i may have worked too much or too little, at times, i may have procrastinated once or twice, i dieted drastically, i did not start a new TV series,  i rode my friend’s bicycle a lot, i bonded with old friends, took life decisions and avoided making others, i traveled to a new city and wondered around on my own, i had an interview for a company that sounds too good to be true, i took the rejection lightly, i got drunk from 1 beer of 0,33, i sang karaoke in public for the first time ( not related to the beer), i bought a book, i am reading a lot again and i finally started to write on the blog whenever i want to do so.

So yes, it was a nice summer.

And the usual it-is-now-autumn-and-i-want-to-post-a-song-to-make-it-clear-how-sad-i-am  song :

But it is a nice song. I like it.


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