Thought of You – Ryan Woodward

And there you have it.

An attempt to move from the traditional art works into the realm of individual interpretation –  and with great success. In the above, one can see the escape of a man from his dream, into the real world… It is a happy ending for the man, who managed to let go of his surreal wishes, and was able to “wake up” and move on. She was never real, she was in his dreams, and he had to go. He had to live his life.

Or, one can see a chimera, always there but not quite, disappearing when needed the most, slick and not trustworthy….. When he tries to hold on to her, she disappears, when he looks for her she re-appears, but only to be gone again.

Or, one can see an impossible love, an inside battle where she finally decides to come into his world, but when she does, he no longer wants here there…..

I loved the moment when she shows her wings, and feathers are starting to fall…  she is becoming real, he is managing to pull her to his side, color her in his own crayons. And then he is gone.


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