Experiment – Day 1

Today is Monday, the 1st day at the office in almost 2 months, the 270th day at the BlueCo and the 1st day of the last 11 workdays of employment here. It is the day i found out for myself that the food at the BlueCo got more expensive, the day i chose to drink sparkling water and the day i started my experiment.

Day 1. Blog. 

I am going to take 1 hour every night to think the events of the passed day and to write a blog post about it. ( i hope that actually writing the last sentence down will force me to do so).

One blog post per day keeps my mind and thoughts at bay ;)

Day 1. Skype as a necessity. 

From today, i am focusing. I am not spending any extra time in Skype, just the basic. 30 min per evening – i still need to keep in touch with my family and friends, the ones who did not set up the above policy.

Day 1. Facebook once a day. 

I need to set some goals for myself, i need to clear my head of useless information such as who did what and when. I need to also quit checking Facebook –  make it a once a day affair. There are useful things that FB has to offer( messages, group posts when one is looking for accomodation, a job, entertainment) , but the over usage of the latter creates a lack of focus, a where did all that time go  feeling, and a certain feeling of underachievement.

So yes, i am deleting the FB bookmark ( it said  Check meeeee   :) ) And as i already checked FB more than once today. i will not check it again till tomorrow. Morning.

Day 1. Consume meaningful information. 

The day has only so many hours to offer – so i need to use them wisely. No more useless sites and rubbish information as a i need to pass a few moments.  Watch a meaningful video ( usually they are shared on Facebook, so i guess that if i check FB once a day, i will have to stack  up the meaningful videos that people share. Or i will have to find my own.

Also, i need to become more aware of what is happening in the world. Besides my circle of friends in Facebook ( i am not that addicted, but i guess all addicts say that…) I was tempted to set a 1 article per day  policy, but the latter is nowhere near enough, and it is not at all helping my goal to become a better me. So i will set it at 15 min per day on a news site, and 15 min on a technology news site. For now.

Day 1. One episode of one TV show per day. If any. 

No more TV shows sounded really harsh :)

I really admire the initiative of my current roommate, who, acknowledging the fact that she has an educational gap in the areas of history and geography, started to listen to history lessons and is trying to memorize the capitals of the major European countries. And i have to admit that she has pushed me even more to try and become a better me.

So, summing up the above, that is :  7 hours of sleep+ 1h min prepare for work and get here + 8 hours at the work +  30 min eat  and 30 min enjoy lunch break+ 30 min get home + 30 min eat and talk to the girls+1h blog+30 min skype + meaningful information, lets say…  30 min to get me started :) = 20 hours

Theoretically, i am fine, time allocation wise speaking.  The remaning 4 hours per day should be enough for other miscellaneous activities such as shopping for foor, waiting for the bus, sharing stories with the girls over a beer, nail polishing ( the latter may be done while listening to a meaningful video), showering, etc

I intend to run it for 15 days –  my stay in Italy. Should be easy. Originally i wanted to include a  no alcohol policy as well, but we had a party at our house on Saturday, and we have so much beer and wine left-over… it would be a shame :)

So, may the light be with me :)  I will let you know how it went tomorrow :)


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