What i would do if… ( the light version)

Yes, my experiment is more or less working –  i have not opened skype, but i did check facebook a few times…  but just a few scrolls. I am a bit tired, so i decided to have a cup of coffee and thus take a small break.

I have lots of pending blog posts, so given that this activity usually revigorates me –  here goes!

Yesterday i sat in those chairs where i have always wanted to sit at the office, and i compiled a list of things  i would do if only [ insert excuse here] .

If only i was [brave], [organized], [rich], [motivated], [etc] enough, i would:

( i started easy)

1.  Install reminder app in order to get up and walk around every 2 hours in order to avoid atrophied muscles at the end of the workday

2. actually perform some eye relaxation exercises

( things start to get a bit more serious)

3. write an e-mail to a long lost friend –  i would call it the  Keep in touch  program –  KIT

4. read a book for 30 min before bed –  preferably in a language other than english/ romanian

5. Spend at least 15 min per day just sitting outside ( balcony time counts)

6. Go for at least one 15 minute walk per day –  good for the body and good for the soul

7. Exercise at least 15 min every day

8. Actually send out more than one job application per day –  use the 1 hour before work to do so

( and this is where stuff gets real)

10. i would learn to dance

11. i would become part of a community (toastmasters, for example)

12. i would meet new people

13. i would make sure i look my best every day / i would finally change my hair style

14. I would save and go on vacation in an exotic location

( to be continued)



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